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Affordable Local SEO Service in Delhi

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important tool for all the marketers. SEO is necessary for a business for multiple reasons. Whether you want to increase your website traffic, get leads, increase conversions, brand awareness and increase visibility SEO helps. There is a lot to know and implement to  make sure which SEO strategies are working for you and which are not because all SEO practices is not for your business. A lot of factors need to be considered when formulating a well suited SEO plan for your website. Here is why at YourLokalMedia We curate SEO friendly content, blogs, articles, reports using well researched keywords that match our clients objective. We are the affordable Local SEO Service in Delhi. Our strategies are planned to give maximum satisfaction to our client’s business.

Affordable local seo service in Delhi
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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is dynamic in nature because of the fact that Google frequently update its algorithm. If you are a business you want to be visible to as many people as you can in an online space to attract leads, sales and traffic and to do all of these you must understand, How SEO works?

If put simply, SEO is a way to convince Google that your site is authentic and relevant for users. Hence, worth sending searchers to the site and show up on the first page of Google.

Types of SEO

Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving their language models through search prompts this is why SEO in 2023 is more difficult than ever. There are some SEO practices that is still important as always. Down below are the types of SEO that covers almost all the major elements:

  • ON Page SEO: As said by Neil Patel, “The true purpose of On-page SEO [is] to educate, inspire and guide your users properly, as they navigate your site.” How long will a user stay on your site is depend on your site content and navigation. The important  On Page factors are title tag, meta description, URL structure, content readability, image and user interface. On page SEO includes all the SEO strategies that are visible on the website.

  • OFF Page SEO: Off Page SEO includes all the practices that happen behind the user interface. Off Page SEO is equally relevant as On Page SEO. It includes backlinking and reviews which enables a site ability to rank high. Off page SEO tactics let Google know that this site has more expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

  • Local SEO: Businesses who have a physical upfront and want their customers to visit, Local SEO is a must. Local SEO focuses on the localization of the business. So, your business should be visible online when someone searches businesses exact or similar as your niche. Local SEO tactics include putting correct business information on your website, NAP accuracy and consistency on all web profiles.

  • Technical SEO: According to Backlinko, The “important elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.” Technical SEO basically means meeting the technical requirements of search engine, maintaining site performance and removing errors. Technical SEO includes a lot of things but few of them are major and should be more focused like site architecture, indexing, site speed, sitemaps, 404 pages, mobile optimization, schemas, site security, redirection and much more. Technical SEO is the most effective way to attract organic traffic to your website.

Importance of SEO

There is no point in setting up your online presence if your site has no visibility. SEO is effective in gaining that visibility. There are thousands of reason why your business needs SEO. SEO makes it possible to understand your customer and giving them right information, product or service at the right time. SEO enables organic traffic, builds trust and credibility, helps in understanding your customer needs, improves user experience, increased engagement, traffic and conversions, focuses on long term strategy and many more. 

Factors that improve SEO

Factors, Factors, Factors! Well, there is a lot to be considered when it comes to SEO. SEO is all about analyzing what works best for your business. The way to figure out your perfect SEO strategy is to implement and see again and again. SEO is changing constantly it is important to keep an eye on what google considers relevant. Here are some more factors that can improve your website SEO. Make sure you are not missing any of them.

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Mobile SEO

On Google, there is 95% of mobile search market. To rank on Google it is essential that your website must be mobile optimized. Mobile searches are important for Google and the share of mobile searches continuously exceeding. According to Google Research mobile also drives pre sale search. Keeping your site device friendly just makes your chances higher to rank. While designing your site make sure it look as good as on the desktop and navigation should be considered also.

High Quality Content

Producing high quality content for your website will benefit you always. Rewriting is not bad as long as you are giving something extra, some value, some originality and some uniqueness in your content. Keep your information clear & concise. Do keyword research, choose long tail keywords to understand what information searchers are looking for and do not overuse keywords. Do make your content long just for the sake of it, Google considers the relevancy of content more. Original content stays longer and attract better leads with improved conversion rate. Original content on your website will gain trustworthiness and increase your domain authority.

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Voice Search

If you use web on your smartphone you must already know, How convenient voice search is. According to Google stats one out of 5 queries is a voice search. The way people search on mobile is very different because of context. Here is an example, If you are on your desktop and looking for restaurants Google will show you a different search engine results page. On the other hand, if you are on the go and do a voice search you will say restaurants near me and this will change the entire search context. Different phrasing can significantly improves your business. The takeaway from voice search is, understand user’s intent and then start making content accordingly to boost your rankings. Be more conversational in your writing style, use question phrases, make your site mobile friendly, Optimize your business listing. 

User Experience

User experience is not limited to menu, text fields, buttons and navigational components. UX and SEO can go hand in hand if done properly. Want to know why UX scores are factored in SEO rankings? It is because Google attempts to give the answers that are the most close to searchers search query but if your page experience is not good the user will leave immediately and reduces your ranking score. No matter how better SEO practices you implement if you do not improve the major SEO categories your website won’t rank. Keep all the factors in account while improving your UX and it will automatically increase your SEO score.

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Affordable Local SEO Service in Delhi

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As our agency name yourlokalmedia suggests, we provide digital services to businesses who are getting started with their online journey. Our main focus is on the local business or small business who want to grow their business both online & offline. We test and implement latest best practices for our client’s business. Our approach is unique, we follow a formulated strategy as their is a lot to improve in local SEO. If this sounds like your business requirements, Let’s Get you FOUND & Grow your BUSINESS!


No, Algorithm just replaces old strategies and introduce new and most effective ones.

This totally depends on Google algorithm and your strategy. It can take days, to weeks, to months.

Ofcourse, Just make sure it should be coming from relevant site like coming from same niche, same domain as yours.

SEO is constantly changing. Pay attention to Google guidelines and what Google advocates John Mueller and Gary Illyes directly says